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Personal Training in Queen's Park, London.

A stylish gym in Queen's Park, London. Where we do the personal training.

What is Personal Training?

I would define Personal Training (PT) as training that engages in activity to improve performance and/or fitness. Improving performance can be both physical and psychological. There are of course levels to fitness activities and (sport) performance. However, for the simplicity of this blog we are going to mostly relate PT to general fitness to Joe Public.

Whilst personal training has become a national and global bonafide profession, here in Queen’s Park London I have witnessed huge requests for personal training amongst the good people in this community and surrounding areas (such as Kilburn, St John’s Wood, West Hampstead, Kensal Rise & Kensal Green).

Why a NXT PHASE personal trainer?

1. Our training methods

We really do not believe that fitness is a one shoe fit all or following a cookie cutter approach as everyone has different goals and lifestyles. The type of fitness training we deliver can differ and vary depending upon the client’s request. Individualisation and specificity hugely determine the training session, as well as, more importantly the levels of progression. Whether we are training an athlete or sporty person, Pre/post natal mother or the general gym-goer periodisation may be a relevant method of training.

Periodisation basically means a cyclical method of planning and managing a training session. During such training sessions there are segments of planning that measure progression cycles of various aspects within the training program. This method of training is mostly applied to athletic training sessions but can be applied to non-athletes alike. Essentially one could contend periodisation is a key training method to all training sessions used by either personal trainers or strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches.

2. Our authenticity and transparency approach

Our trainers (Darran, Jesse, Pete and Myself) are always there to make sure you feel safe and supported. All our trainers at NXT PHASE have wealth experience with their own specialities but as a team we believe that if you want to reach your goals will need 100% transparency and trust with you and the trainer.

At NXT PHASE both myself and fellow trainers have delivered a substantially high number of training sessions, which is indicative to the high level of service and professionalism. As a company NXT PHASE was established in late 2018 and launched in early 2019. In such a short period of time we have delivered thousands of hours of quality personal training to very satisfied customers in the Queen’s Park and surrounding areas who access our facility on a daily basis.

3. Our flexibility.

We acknowledge that most people, especially these days, do not have a fixed weekly schedule with working from home and/or being in the office, flexible work timings, and freelancers . We appreciate that by giving you the flexibility to choose your timings with the trainer of your choice which we believe will help you achieve your goals.

One huge point is you do not have to sign up as a gym member to use one of our trainers. This means you just can pay for the sessions. Which can be be you and one other (friend, partner, work colleague etc) for the same price as an individual. If that’s what you want to do.

Plus we offer variations in timing slots if you want a quick 30 minute session on your lunch break or the most common 45 minutes or a very in-depth session at 60 minutes. Our prices are listed here.

As a personal trainer I have also served in the capacity as a strength and conditioning coach for various athletes. As lead PT at NXT PHASE I am very pleased to be delivering my and our

teams services to the North West London community with consistent regularity.

Personal training has become an important element within the fitness world, and the Queen’s Park community has been reaping the rewards on what we offer.

Why not contact us today for a free consultation?

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