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Darran is one of our more experienced trainers who has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. 

He is a self motivated person who is always up for a chat about your goals, experiences or how to get the most out of your training.
He is always pushing himself to find or learn new skills. to make the most out of training.


His approach to fitness is: 
 "To generally incorporate all components of fitness to a routines or exercise  i.e balance, coordination, mobility, thus creating a 360' stronger version of yourself." 


2020: Fittever design course 
2018: Mobilisation and postural support 
2017: Shaw academy nutrition course 
2015: Weight management work shop 
2014: First Aid at work 
2012 Shwinn Cycle Course
2012: Tabata Training course 
2012: Metabolic conditioning Three Course 
2011: Strength and conditioning Workshop
2010: Gymnastics 1/2 
2006: Personal Training 1/2
2002: Total Tone, Circuit Training certificate
2001: ETM Exercise to Music certificate
2000: TKO Aerobics certificate
1999: Fit to Perform Spinning Certificate
1998: Fit to Perform Boxercircuit Certificate
1998: Fit to Perform Fitness Instructor
1997: Simpsons First Aid At Work Certificate
1996: Springboard Leisure and Tourism                   Newvic College 

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