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NXT PHASE's booking rules.


General Rules:

  1. Be polite and respectful to everyone.

  2. Show tolerance and avoid behavior that could offend others.

  3. Act safely and considerately, following staff instructions.

  4. Ensure your own and others' enjoyment isn't disrupted by unreasonable actions.


  1. Check in at the front desk upon arrival.

  2. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.

  3. Anyone who arrives after 7 minutes after the class start time may not attend the class and marked "no show"

  4.  A 12 hour cancellation policy is effect unless communicated  to the team or if its within 3 hours of a class >75% occupancy class 

    • Any one who cancels within 12 hours will loose there credit

    •  If they are a member on a membership will be issued a strike and on the 3rd strike will be issued with a fine payment. 

  5. ​Any absentee from the classes will will be marked as "no show" and same as the 12 hour policy will be effect 

Personal training sessions 

  1. A free consultation must be done before your first session. 

  2. Any new PT clients we must urge you to contact us first before booking as we need to make sure the trainer is available at your desired times.

  3.  For booking a session you must do it greater than 48 hours before the session.

  4. If the client cancel the session within 24 hours you will not be refunded the session. However if the trainer cancels you will be refunded within 24 hours 

  5. Please arrive 5 minutes before the session starts.

  6. The session starts at the time was booked for not when the client arrives if they are late it will still finish at the allocated time eg if you booked in a session at 08:00 but turn up at 08:10 for 45 minutes the session will end at 08:45. 

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