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Are boxing classes a good workout?

Boxing first appeared as a formal Olympic event in the 23rd Olympiad (688 BCE), but fist-fighting contests most certainly have had their origin in mankind's prehistory. The earliest visual evidence for boxing appears in Sumerian relief carvings from the 3rd-millennium BCE. A relief sculpture from Egyptian Thebes. From the aforementioned, it’s clear boxing as a pugilist sport dates back to the origin of Egyptian civilisation thousands of years ago.

Fast forward to 2022. NXT PHASE in its 4th year of existence has cleverly amalgamated the boxing art form with old and new school training methods. Our boxing classes are uniquely combine old school and new-school boxing techniques, along with high-octane fitness drills. Teaching all our members and guest the boxing fundamentals as a must. Boxing sessions have to be well structured yet sprinkled with some fun. Our instructors (Terry, Darran and Keith) are well aware of individual needs and are aptly on deck to ensure various levels are attended to as they should be.

Evaluation of boxing in the 21st century.

A typical boxing class at NXT PHASE

We are currently living in an era where there is so much boxing enthusiasm. Here in the UK boxing enthusiasts are in practically every city. As a sport be it amateur or the professional ranks, venue attendances are considerably high (especially at professional events). This level of excitement and patronage has spilled over to the health clubs and boutique gyms such as NXT PHASE. Boxing is attracting Punters to gyms by participating in boxing classes and one-to-one training sessions of various ages and sexes. Boxing is no longer seen as a predominantly alpha male sport, but today we are witnessing female world champions, ie Clarissa Shields and Katie Taylor to name a few. Boxing has evolved from a good hardcore “eye of the tiger” workout, which improves ones cardiovascular and conditioning. Boxing also improves one’s mental state. Boxing not only aides mentally stability but serves as a great stress relief.


It is for this reason and more NXT PHASE intends to continually provide high quality services, especially in boxing.

Whether you attend a NXT PHASE boxing class or one-to-one or two-to-one session with one of our personal trainers at our Queen’s Park gym in North West London you won’t be disappointed. You too will see that boxing with NXT PHASE, as well as, life itself isn’t just a sport or training method but more to the point - Boxing is a way of life!

If you would like to triagl one of zour classes or learn more email us, call us on 020 3793 0879 or come visit. Then we will get you booked into one of our classes or a personal training sessions.

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