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Why functional fitness should be your 2022 New Year resolution

Exercise plays a vital role in leading a healthy life and the benefits of regular exercise are innumerable. Most of us only have a general idea of exercise like running or lifting some weights but it is important to know what type of exercise your body needs and how to do it properly. A gym trainer can help you identify which type of exercise will benefit you the most. But exercise should not be restricted to just the gym, it should become a lifestyle, if you really want to achieve fitness, and become more efficient.

For these reasons and more, functional fitness should be on your list of 2022 New Year resolutions.

Below listed are details about why functional fitness should be your top new year resolution in 2022:

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness emphasises the type of exercises that are very basic and yet very essential. These exercises are focused on utilising multiple muscle groups at the same time, and work by mimicking everyday movements. The purpose of these exercises is to build strength and, increase flexibility and mobility of the muscles to prepare the body to do everyday tasks and activities more efficiently.

Basic principles of functional fitness

Understanding the basic principles underlying functional fitness only help put things into a broader perspective.

● Mobility – To be able to move better and faster one must first become very comfortable with it. If the body is not at ease with it, it can get injured while doing the seemingly simplest of activities.

● Stability – Stability of the body is important for you to get on with the daily activities of life competently. Your muscles need to be flexible and strong to be able to work smoothly.

● Posture – We learn to move and walk as it comes naturally to us, but many of us do it incorrectly which is harmful and injurious to the body. It is important to teach the body the best way it can achieve maximum efficiency.

● Strength – Everything in life is easier if you are strong. Focus on gaining the strength of the muscles and body.

● Stamina – To be able to work harder and longer, your body must first be able to handle it. Work on cardio and building your stamina.

Examples of functional fitness

Some common functional fitness exercises which mimic everyday activities include,

● Push-ups and sit-ups

● Jumping jacks

● Squats and lunges

● Balancing on one leg etc.

Benefits of functional fitness

The main purposes of functional fitness are to prepare the body to perform everyday activities with the greatest ease and efficiency. It is great for strengthening core muscles, and also improves cardiovascular and general health. As the body gets comfortable with simple yet essential exercises, you can increase the gym time and achieve the maximum from training without any fear or risk of injury.

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