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How to Maintain Your Fitness Motivation in Winter

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Winters mean cool climates and lots of celebrations. You want to stay indoors all day. There are lots of excuses for missing your workouts. The snow, the festivities, extra sleep, dark days are all perfect excuses to skip your workout. But this is also the time when you should not miss your exercise routine.

The cool climate gives you stiff muscles increasing your aches and pains. Skipping workouts also means increased weight due to the calorie laden festive food. Being inactive during winter months can make you lose the entire gains accrued through exercises during the rest of the year.

We give you some tips to keep your motivation high during winter so that you continue your fitness journey unabated.

Join a gym and find a Partner

Joining a gym will help you to shake your lethargy and give a boost to your fitness routine in the winter months. A gym can make you look forward to exercising. A good gym can also help you to create a customized exercise routine suited to your mind and body.

If you don't have gym partner this is the perfect time to find one. You can easily find partners at gyms like NxtPhase. If you need a mentor who can guide your on your fitness journey than this is the perfect place. You and your partner can motivate each other as well as monitor your individual progress. You can vary your exercise routine and try out different exercises.

Try Exercising Outdoors

Exercising outdoors can help you break the monotony. You can exercise a little later in the day when there is some sunlight. Heading outdoors once in a while will give you the benefits of fresh air and sun. It will improve your mood and alleviate any depression due to the dark days.

Pick the right outfit

Warm outfits can save you from the bitter cold. Pick fashionable stuff which will motivate you to hit the gym. Layer your clothes so that you can take off a few layers as your body gets warm from exercises.

Have a Routine in Place

Fixing a routine and sticking to it will keep you motivated in the winter months. Set a fixed time for waking up and heading to the gym. Reward yourself after your workout sessions with a luxurious bath and nourishing food. Place small targets for workouts. Monitor your weight. Record your achievements in a journal.

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