Parenting and exercise part 1 - Mumfit

One of our success stories here at NXT phase has been our mumfit classes (please see our timetable: With 7 classes on offer over a 5 weekday period we have been able to deliver bespoke top notch classes for mothers in the postnatal stage. By popular demand the classes have been very consistent in attendance since its inception. Mothers do enjoy the stress free & calm environment in our classes where they can bring their babies and exercise in a prescribed yet energetic way.

In a series of forthcoming blogs we aim to deliver and share informative and educational discourse. At times we will support our blogs with peer review research papers. As a psychology major the one thing I was taught to appreciate were relevant peer reviewed empirical work. As a father of two girls I am 1 million percent behind the idea of healthy kids mentally and physically. Physical activity can be translated into many forms. Physical attributes are developed, harnessed and enhanced. In other cases some of us are born genetically blessed, however this particular point is conversation for another day. As adults we are more than capable of leading by example. In this context that’s simply exercising as often as we can. When your kids are old enough (as Young’s as 6 years old) you can get them physically involved via gentle exercises and sport such as swimming, gymnastics etc. The beginning of setting a healthy lifestyle starts with you. The start is now! I leave you with this peer review paper to read in your spare time:

“The impact of HENRY on parenting and family lifestyle...” (T.A. Willis, K.P. Roberts et al, 2016)

Until the next one - I’m out for now!

Terry Longmore Bsc. Hons.


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