Functional Fitness Guide - Three Moves to Make Lifting Easier

Last 2 years with the pandemic and all the lockdowns made, I became a couch potato, figuratively speaking, but then I saw how my health was getting affected by it negatively which steered me to try home-based exercises and online gym classes. Well, to be frank, moving me off the couch was not that much of an issue but lifting weights seemed tougher than I had thought.

So for everyone who faced a somewhat similar ordeal, this functional fitness guidepost is for you. This is also for everyone who works (carrying stuff, handling children etc.) daily in your homes. This weight lifting training will help you all.

So what to do? Just carry free weights while you walk. That’s about it. Start from smaller weights and move to heavier ones with time.

Now about those Three Moves & tips, give the information below a quick read:

1. Lift the weights near the hips but with core engaged, knees bent, back straight, the weight near your body.

2. Stand straight in a dead straight line with a strong grasp of the weights.

3. Now walk but with short steps, no larger than a foot and keep the shoulders engaged, this will help in stabilising you.

Move 1 is called the Farmer’s walk; just keep the weights, in both hands, by your side and walk for about 20 steps.

Move 2 is called the Waiter’s walk; use weight in one hand, lift that hand over your head, in line with the shoulder and with a slight bend in the elbow. Now walk, don’t change the posture described above and walk for 20 steps. Stop, now use the other hand and repeat.

Move 3 is called the Suitcase carry; (as already mentioned in the tips above) engage your core, with a strong grasp of weight in one of the hands resting beside your torso, move slowly for 20 steps then change the hand and repeat. Make sure that your posture is straight and not imbalanced toward the side you are holding the weight.

Happy lifting you all!

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