Catch the fitness vibe!

NXT Phase class were reduced during the month of August (holiday season). The number of classes were sensibly reduced, however the hunger and desire for those who decided to stick around in London and sweat it out was a positive one. A lot of great feedback from members, passerby' s and other class attendees. Thank you for all the positive feedback and comments. Very much appreciated! Our classes are always about positive vibes and great energy starting with the instructors. As we leave a very stable month of August we head into September and the remainder of the year with great optimism and expectation. Grandma always used to say to (her many grandchildren) us ''...continue as you started...''. We started the year solidly with good vibes and great variety of classes. We aim to maintain this continuum and more as we close out 2019 and beyond. Don't be left behind catch the fitness vibes - NXT Phase style!


The Moberly Centre          

25 Chamberlayne Road


 NW10 3NB


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