NXT Lean

This class is loaded with all the essentials and ingredients fulfil your appetite if you are in search of that sculptured body. with the aide of weights, resistance bands and technical body circuit exercise - NXT Lean is fully loaded to be a 45 min. class!

NXT LeanAss n Abs

NXT Phase specialty - Not your traditional Legs, bums and tummy class from back in the day. We are pioneer front runners with authentic and proven results driven exercises. Aim? Attack the flab and diss the fads. NXT LeanAss n Abs focuses on postural alignment, constant intensity whilst properly working your core & Ass whilst using resistance bands in a way not normally seen in classes of this fashion. Then again we did say we follow no fads!

Cardio Blast

This class does what it says on the label - ''Get you in Blast''. A NXT Phase original A high intensity cardio session loaded with various anaerobic exercises plus the use of spin bikes. Bring plenty of H20 (water) for this class. Could also be called ''Calorie Cruncher''. Sweaing  is a must- in fact its guaranteed = results

NXT Boxing 45 MIN

Not for the faint-hearted! This class is nicknamed ''high octane''. Boxing filled with plenty of cardio based circuits. A relentless 45 min session guaranteed to have you sweat within the first 5 minutes. Bring plenty of H20 to stay rehydrated - Good luck!

NXT Kettlebells

If your looking for a class the hits every major muscle group, builds strength, defines your body then try NXT Kettlebells. Not your everyday kettlebells class. Technique is of paramount importance to looking good. High energy & intensity goes with the territory!


Primarily a post natal class designed to help mothers rediscover their body beautiful. Typically NXT Phase introduce boxing, resistance bands cardio circuits and selected weight training exercises & specific core exercises. Mums and babies leave this class feeling & looking great!

NXT Boxing

Not for the faint-hearted 60 minutes of full on  boxing and conditioning exercises. A NXT Phase special which is why we made this class one hour (the only class of its kind within NXT Phase). All for the same price - This class has become very popular. Filled with high punchvolume, technique, skipping, shadow boxing, boxing circuits, core exercises & much more. Free nutritional advice given for post workout meal after this masterblaster!


Another NXT Phase masterclass. We fully embrace to use of resistance training as one of the most effective tools to train. Loads of calisthenics (BT-Body Training) to add to the mix. A perfect class to compliment NXT Lean. If you are in search of a lean body and/or trying to build strength to improve your fitness then this is the class for you.

NXT Strength

Another NXT Phase masterclass - delivering specified weight training tuition in a class format. High repetition exercises combined with resistance training. Your muscles are bound to feel the burn days later. NXT Phase recommends combining this class with either NXT HiitBod or NXT Lean to gain added results. Not to be associated with total body - its better, Simples!

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