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Will I be tied into a long term contract? 

No, all our memberships are monthly rolling.

It automatically renews every month until you decide to cancel. You can cancel anytime without penalties, It gives you flexibility and consistency in your membership without being tied down to a long-term commitment.

Any sign up fees?

No, we do not believe in these.

You won't have to pay any additional fees on top of your regular monthly fees when you first join as a new member, You'll still be responsible for paying the regular monthly membership fee for as long as you remain a member.

Can you freeze your membership?

Yes, memberships can be freeze once a year. 

We require you to send an email at if you need like to freeze. However after first freeze or you freeze it for more than 2 weeks, we'll charge you 20% of the monthly fee. For instance, if you have an ESSENTIAL membership and freeze it for 2 months, it's £55 * 2 = £110 * 20% = £22. However, if you can't come due to reasons like injury or pregnancy, we can waive these charges. 

Can I use coupon codes for a discount 

Yes, if they are promoted as for memberships.

We will be issuing coupon code for different things which some might involve the memberships eg 20% off for the first month these will can be only redeemed by new customers and with the right product. To add the code you do it at check out at the promo code section. 

Is there an option for a yearly membeship

Yes, we do yearly memberships.

At NXT PHASE these come in all our usual memberships but instead of paying per month you pay per year. For full details please contact us on or 020 3793 0879.

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