H TrainFitness – level 3 Personal Trainer

H TrainFitness – level 2 Gym Instructor

H TrainFitness – Circuit Training

H TrainFitness – Outdoor Training

H TrainFitness – Group Indoor Cycling

H TrainFitness – Award in Circuit Instruction




Peter Hails from Hungary and has a rich and solid educational/training base of eight (8) years in weightlifting experience, coupled  with kettlebells and calisthenics skills, inspired but not limited by old-school methods. Peter is definitely a student of the old-school but very much a pioneer of the new-school fitness revolution. Peter’s approach to health and fitness combines bodyweight training with traditional gym based drills to achieve the next level of body awareness and appreciation of the new you. 

The Moberly Centre          

25 Chamberlayne Road


 NW10 3NB



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