YMCA -Advanced Personal trainer
YMCA - nutritional advisor
YMCA - Gym instructor
YMCA - fitness testing 
YMCA - cardiovascular testing
YMCA - Group Training specialist 
YMCA - Older population specialist

Trained in Mixed Martial Arts Trained Thai Kickboxing & kickboxing




One of the original team members of NXT Phase, Andrew has a background in boxing, street dance and weight training. He's been working in fitness for over 15 years and has worked within gyms, fitness studios and hospitals.  His classes are hard but fun and you'll leave feeling energised and wanting more. If you are looking to learn how to punch and kick or just bums of steel check out his Boxfit or Ass n abs classes.

The Moberly Centre          

25 Chamberlayne Road


 NW10 3NB



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